From KayakPro, the Makers of SpeedStroke, the official suppliers of Ergometers to the 2004 Athens Games, 2006 Asian Games, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Asian Games, and 2012 London Olympic Games comes SpeedStroke Gym Kayak and Canoe Ergometers.


Multistroke boasts many unique features.

  • Delay-proof catch.
  • Adjustable stoke rate frequency. Either by fan resistance adjustment or shaft length.
  • Adjustable / Variable load and resistance.
  • Correct and adjustable seat height.
  • Adjustable Shaft allows the use of the appropriate shaft length to give the correct 'centre of pressure' on the paddle blade (below the bottom hand).
  • Removable legs and Flywheel cage to allow easy transport and storage.
  • Fully and easily adjustable footrest to fit any paddler.
  • Easily viewable-Sophisticated on-board computer.- See separate page.